James ran in a triathlon with his brothers Nathan and David!  There were 8 new inches of snow, so the bike was canceled!  We were so sad not to get to watch him on is spiffed up 70's road bike that he's been training on.
 I teach this cute family violin.  It is so much fun!  We had a recital in December with my two other students. 
Fun times in the snow!  It's hard to tell, but this is actually a pregnant snowwoman.  (Check out the cheeks and the belly)

Beautiful snow on the way over to Medford.  James and I had a really fun anniversary getaway.

Andrew loves riding on the back of James' bike to school/work.  A while back, they got hit by a car at the four way stop near the school.  They were totally fine. It was kind of comical, because it was one of Andrew's school mates!  Yay for helmets and brakes that work.
James'parents came to visit in October.  It was so fun to have them!  James' mother and I did a free classical violin recital for the community, which was so much fun... and a lot of work. But it paid off.
 This is Andrew in the flower box after the recital....

 Lizzy loves her baby (she says bobby).  It is so fun to have a girl!
 James has given me the most heavenly gift the last 2 years.  After Lizzy was born, he started puting the boys to bed every night.  They love it.... and there is someone else who loves it maybe even more!  (me...) 
 Now that Andrew is in Kindergarten, Peter and Lizzy have a lot of time together.  It has been fun to see their relationship grow.

 Andrew played on his first basketball team.  It was a huge success!  He loved it, and Peter and Lizzy loved going to his basketball practices where they got to run up and down the courts.  The boys have taken a liking to dribbling in the kitchen.  We moved our basketball hoop back inside, and put that in the kitchen as well. We have a lot of fun together!
Christmas Break was this picture right here times 100.  Andrew was sick for a week straight. We had lots of pj movie parties with oj and crackers.  It was actually so nice to relax all together and feel no pressure to do any Christmas 'stuff' that didn't really need to be done.

our last summer trip

 We had a fun Hill-Mulford reunion in Breckonridge, CO.  It was a wonderful time!  The children got a lot of Grandma and Grandpa time, both there and in Orem.  Andrew went school shopping with my parents, and boy was that a treat to get a new back pack!
 Cute little Lizzy and Katie!
 We had our own Olympics.  It was a blast! A favorite was javelin throw with swimming noodles.
 9 little boys cousins right in a row! And then 4 girls in a row.  Way to have another Boy Hannah! And way to go Eva, for starting off ALL the cousins in grand, girl style!

 We stopped in Garden of the Gods, a boys absolute PARADISE! They could have climbed around all day!

 We had a lovely, relaxing, and fun filled time w/ David and Allison in CO.  A highlight was doing a running course through a snake like, mowed pattern in the grass.  The uncles tried to beat the times of the children, but even after taking off their shirts for less air resistance, the uncles still got beat!
We went camping at Timpanokee w/ my dad, and some family (and a few duck, looking humans).  It is always so much fun to camp.  We sure love it.
Seth and Maddy had some pretty cool skills up their sleeves.

Don't cousins make the best of friends?

My dad treated us to a REALLY fun time at Hang Time, another paradise for boys (and girls).  It was such a blast doing flips into big pits of cushions.

We had a ball at the "Boone Rendezvous", a family reunion of all of James' Grandfather's descendants. There were 350 people camping for a week. It was such a relaxing weekend, just letting the children wander around in the forest, wading through the creek, playing with cousins, and sleeping in the tent trailer with James' parents who we hadn't seen for 2 years. What a beautiful little place we had in Idaho. 

There's where we camped.

We took a 'personal leave day' from the reunion and had some family time at Bear Lake. We got a hotel near by and watched the Olympics.  That Burger King was pretty good too!

We had a delightful time with my grandparents in Rexburg.  They are just as sweet as ever. It just feels like going home when we visit.  One evening, Peter climbed on Grandpa's lap and said, "Grandpa, you are my best friend. "

Grandpa Hill took the children and James to Bear World. Boy did they LOVE that!